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Emergency restoration services for homeowners

Residential Solutions

When damage to your home occurs, trust Helix Co. for fast, professional emergency restoration services. Whether it’s a minor repair or a catastrophic loss, we understand that a fast response is crucial to lessen the damage to your home.

Within minutes, we connect you to the best emergency contractor in your area, who arrives on site within two hours. Our service is designed to eliminate the hassle of finding a qualified contractor for your project and reduce the burden of managing communications. With Helix, you receive a fast response, quality service and seamless project coordination from start to finish

Restore your home and your peace of mind with Helix Co. Contact us to find a qualified contractor near you.

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The Helix Co. Standard

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Free matching to a contractor near you

Using Helix Co. to find your contractor is completely free. You pay no additional costs for our services.

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Fast, 2-hour emergency response time

In an emergency, every minute counts. We guarantee our contractors arrive to your site within two hours.

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Trusted, quality contractors

We maintain a national network of highly skilled, licensed contractors, who have been rigorously vetted to meet and exceed industry standards.

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Transparent communication

We provide you access to the Helix portal, so you have complete visibility into the status of your home repair.

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Dedicated customer service

Our customer service team provides seamless communication between you, your contractor and your insurance carrier.

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Three-year workmanship warranty

We guarantee the quality of our work by providing a comprehensive three-year workmanship warranty, so you can rest easy.

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Home Restoration Services

Storm Damage Repair

Strong winds, hail and heavy rains from severe storms can cause significant damage to your home.

Disinfection & Decontamination Services

Routine cleaning and emergency decontamination can reduce the spread of virus outbreaks in your home.

Fire & Smoke Restoration

Fires can cause devastating physical damage, along with unseen destruction from smoke, ash and soot.

Emergency Board Up Services

Properly securing your home in the event of an emergency or severe weather event is crucial protection.


Protect your home by removing, cleaning and disinfecting any bodily fluids, harmful pathogens, or viruses.

Water Damage and Water Mitigation

Water damage is one of the most common incidents affecting homeowners, and it requires immediate action.

Roofing Repairs

Weather events and continuous exposure to the elements can take a significant toll on your roof.

Asbestos and Lead Abatement

Safe removal of asbestos, lead and other household hazards requires proper handling and disposal.

Debris Removal

Discover fast and professional after-storm cleanup and debris removal.

Duct Cleaning

Use highly trained technicians to clean your home duct work, dryer vents, heat exchangers and more.

Mold Remediation

Water damage and moisture creates mold infestations that requires immediate remediation and abatement.

Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing problems are a common household problem. Use a professional plumber to repair leaks and breaks

3D Property Scans

Capture every detail of the damaged area to ensure accurate estimates, reduce risks and increase efficiency.


Use a trusted remodeling professional for any major modifications as part of your next home renovation.

Structural Cleaning

Structural cleaning includes cleaning ceilings, walls or other areas that need cleaned, deodorized or aired out.

Tree Removal

Tree damage from inclement weather is often unavoidable, but emergency tree removal services are available.

Temporary Containment

Spill containment systems keep oil and chemical spills from drains in order to comply with SPCC and stormwater regulations.


Delivering better outcomes

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“I was very happy with the response time not only by the cleaning team but also from Ray at Helix Co.! I called in the morning and had a cleaning crew at my site to sanitize by 5 p.m. the same day! Having the team come in after the employees had left the building worked out well, so the team could access all areas without interruptions or waiting for employees to evacuate areas.” Sue Neil, Robinson Healthy Supply Co.