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Innovation is in our DNA. We founded our company on the idea that with the right technology to support our services, we could provide better experiences for contractors, carriers and customers alike.

Our Helix platform delivers that and more — but that’s only the beginning. We will continue to invent and invest in new technology that advances our industry and improves the lives of our customers.

Helix Co. is a nationally recognized leader in managed repair service and third-party administration. We offer a vast network of restoration contractors, a qualified team of claim administrators and a revolutionary software system to deliver comprehensive solutions for our customers. With a commitment to radical transparency and continuous innovation, we’re leading the industry to streamline repairs and deliver better experiences for our customers.

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Introducing Helix, the future of property restoration

Helix goes beyond traditional restoration job management software. Through our platform, contractors, carriers and customers gain complete visibility into their projects, from start to finish. Developed in-house and used in tandem by our contractor network and our claims management team, our software provides an all-in-one solution for all your property emergency and project needs.

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Time & Material Billing

Designed with the contractor in mind, our time and material billing feature makes it easy to manage and track labor, equipment, and assets all while in the field. Validate your project burn with daily digital e-signatures to create a transparent invoice that all parties agree on.

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Data & Analytics

A first in the industry, Helix automates audit checks which helps increase project and claim compliance by utilizing smart contracts on our blockchain. This feature works in the background to ensure the satisfaction of all parties to expedite your payment.

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Tasks & Reminders

Prioritize your projects and easily manage your task list. The tasks and reminders feature will alert you to any outstanding items, so you can optimize your operations and regain control of your projects.

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Platform Features

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Unlimited Users

Designed to scale with your business

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Customizable workflows

Automate each step of your process

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Built-in audit manager

Stay compliant with the requirements

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Time tracking

Coordinate and manage schedules

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Mobile-friendly experience

Convenient and easy to use in the field

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Weather alerts

Integrated mapping to keep you informed

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Seamless integrations

Easily integrate with your other platforms

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Custom pricing

Establish your own pricing and rates

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